Entrepreneurs can create 10 million new youth jobs

According to the latest study from our client Accenture, named  "G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance (YEA)", entrepreneurs can create 10 million new youth jobs in the next three years in G20 countries, reducing youth unemployment from 13 percent to 10 percent. Possible? Yes, if they can overcome challenges such as skills shortage and lack of labor market flexibility.

According to the study; "Small and large firms face similar skills shortages, because they are competing more and more for the same underdeveloped talent pool, especially STEM (Scientific, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) skills, which are very much in demand around the world"

Aligned with our client´s vision, CBT ´s mission is to promote employability by equipping our talents with the skills demanded by the new markets. How? CBT´s experts identify mobile talent across the globe and engage them with parthers that train specific hard & soft skills. Then CBT act as a "bridgemaker", introducing companies to skilled workers and vice versa.