CBT has launched an academy

CBT has launched an academy that provide training for young students on how to operate in a wide number of programs and/or IT sectors, from Java to Ruby on Rails. By facilitating IT mobile talents worldwide, CBT contribute to solve the global IT skills shortage challenge; Estimates are that there can be a shortage of 900.000 ICT skilled labour force in 2020.

To face this global drama, CBT has joined the exclusive Expert Group for the DIGITALJOBS project. This project is part of the Grand Coalition for DigitalJobs. The key in this Grand Coalition, which resides under the European Commission DG CONNECT, concerns the shortage of ICT skilled people in Europe in the coming years.

In the project a lot of European organizations join forces in how to resolve this problem, in the short, middle and long term. This regards for example Life Long Learning, e-skills frameworks, awareness, etc. Regarding the short term solutions, CB Talents Academy is part of this Consortium, on Workpackage WP3 – Mobility; Our role is to help to define mobility packages and work with some labour demand and supply countries and regions to actually match ICT employees with employers.

Visit us here: http://www.cbtalentsacademy.com